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Greeters welcome you. They offer their time on a voluntary basis and share their passion for their neighbourhood or region with you during a free stroll and a real friendly meeting.

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  • Anne was terrific ! She spent her entire day showing us her beautiful city.
    She was extremely hospitable and we are happy to have meet her and enjoyed our time together.

    Rick, USA —
  • Laurie was wonderful! She showed me new parts of the city and told the story of Nice through its art and architecture.
    She went so far above and beyond. Can’t say enough good things.

    Dena, USA —
  • Gaëtan is a wonderful ambassador for Nice. When we met him, he asked if we would like the tour to be conducted in English or French.
    Since we are trying to improve our French, we selected French and he was extremely patient with us. Whenever we didn’t know a word, he would explain the meaning in French or give us the English equivalent.
    Gaëtan took us for a stroll through old Nice which was perfect for us because we live in the Musicians quarter and hadn’t yet visited old Nice.
    He discussed history, led us to where we could hear free concerts, introduced us to restaurants, a patisserie, and a chocolate store.
    He even took the time to introduce us to Socca and a glass of Rosé.

    Arnie, USA —


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